• Our Story

    Our Story

    Established in 2007, General Bio is a company specializing in bio research and development. We work hard to develop bioactive compounds and health foods using new ingredients, as well as new bio compounds using microorganisms and natural ingredients.

    Our company has been certified as a B Corp, a certification system developed to expand companies that positively impact society and solved social and environmental problems through business. We are conscious of social and environmental responsibility, and seek to improve environmental problems caused by harmful chemical products, and provide stable jobs to the people in need that are affected by the local economy. We strive to help these members of our community to become financially independent. We also continue investing in R&D in order to improve the quality of our products as a socially responsible company. Our goal is to work hard to solve social problems, improve people’s quality of life, and ultimately share happiness with other human beings.

    Product Strategy

    Competitive pricing One-stop system from sourcing the raw materials, to research and production, and to distribution
    Quality and technology Recognized effective products, patented, revolutionary technology such as nano technology, natural raw materials, polymers, etc.
    Variety of product lines Launching of a variety of products such as cosmeceuticals, bio-health functional foods, diet foods, eco-friendly baby care and household products
    Planning ability and distinctive marketability Thorough analysis of global and domestic markets competitive product power