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    Functional Foods

    We use ingredients that have a positive impact on the human body, promote smooth metabolism, and make the body and mind healthy and beautiful, when developing functional products. We research and develop products for the harmonious and balanced coexistence of nature and science, as well as that of the outer and inner body, so that people may enjoy a beautiful life.

    We extracted pure saponin from ginseng and made Compound K through bio conversion, a patented technology, to make this functional health food made of ginseng saponin that has overcome the impaired absorption of ginseng.

    Active compounds are scientifically mixed to help people enjoy a beautiful and healthy figure by following the Date Set 10-day customized dieting program. Garcinia Cambogia extract, an active compound that effectively helps modern people consuming much carbohydrates, and effective compounds that help take care of body fat, are optimally mixed to manufacture Active D. Fructooligosaccharides and compounds that help with bowel habit are again optimally mixed to manufacture Active S. The product is made of both Active D and Active S.

    Although we live a busy life, health is our top priority. It is important to invest in health and wellness to maintain overall wellbeing. General Balance helps to restore and maintain health and balance.

    Balanced ingredients + Balanced nutrients + Balanced price + Balanced health = General Balance