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    Eco-Friendly Household Items

    We produce low-irritating household items with highly functional cleaning technology using natural materials in order to continue pursuing a healthy life. We are ceaselessly working hard to develop leading technology for producing eco- and human-friendly convenient products.
    We are recently focusing on developing innovative technology that enhances user convenience, protects skin and clothes, smells fragrant for long, and is highly eco-friendly and safe to the human body, to thereby provide differentiated value.

    Equipped with standardized and systemic production facilities and a team of top class researchers, our products are not only the best quality products, but also made of ingredients from nature that are not harmful to the human body and are eco-friendly. Our principle is to produce only eco-friendly products that will protect Earth so that our descendants may enjoy the beauty of nature, instead of focusing only on making immediate profit.

    Our products for infants are made of botanical surfactants without any harmful materials in order to minimize irritation and for babies with sensitive skin to safely use the products.